Power bank sharing stations


Everyone at least once in his life faced a situation when the phone, watch, iqos suddenly sat down, the charge remained at home, and the power bank sat down. And the only salvation was a cafe, a bar, a restaurant, a store that met halfway and made it possible to charge the gadget. At the same time, the staff was worried that nothing happened to the gadget and charging, and the management – that the employees were not busy with their immediate tasks.

But with these disadvantages, business owners do not want to lose customer loyalty due to the fact that they did not help their consumers. And since a frequent problem even with the presence of power banks is that there are not enough of them for everyone – it can be expensive and impractical to buy at least 5 power banks for an institution, they forget to charge them, they also often break down, or they can be stolen, which incurs additional costs for business owners.

Power bank sharing stations

The solution to the problem was found in the sharing economy, where by buying a power bank station, you can cut costs and get additional profit. Their principle of operation is quite simple:

  • Find a station in a public place
  • Scan the QR code, follow the instructions and make a deposit
  • After use, return the power bank to the empty slot in the docking station

At the same time, electricity bills will not be high, the hardware of the powerhouse sharing station uses low-power solutions in its technologies to ensure the implementation of intelligent control while connecting to the internal server. There is an agreed communication protocol between them. This means that after the consumer returns the power bank, the server will send the station an instruction to withdraw funds from the consumer’s deposit account. The equipment supports an internal telecommunication card to ensure that the signal is unblocked.

As for the security of the power bank sharing station and the power banks themselves, the battery supports output short circuit protection, internal overload, and short circuit protection. The rated input power of the power bank battery can automatically balance the charging current according to the input charging capacity. In addition, the rated power of the power bank battery can be balanced according to the load capacity.

Devices communicate with applications running in the cloud, these applications are protected. This platform-based SDK can be used for embedded C, JavaScript, Python, iOS, Android, and Arduino Yún. Merchants receive information about power banks, return information and information about time synchronization through an internal server. At the same time, in order to prevent theft, the slots of the device can be locked according to big data and the battery will not pop out. The firmware of the device allows for remote maintenance and software updates. With a client application developed by the back-end server, consumers can quickly find the nearest empty station to return.

Power bank sharing stations

Types of power bank rental stations

The number of power banks that can be placed in a power bank rental station depends on the capabilities of the power bank sharing station and the location of the device itself. The general power bank station with 6-12 slots is suitable for a shop or restaurant. The equipment is usually small, compact, and handy. For places like a shopping mall, buying a 20-18 slot power bank station would be the best choice given its large size. You can place a touchscreen on it to transform a large power bank rental station into an interactive kiosk and digital signage. A good human-machine interface and advertising screen will bring additional profit to the business.

The most popular stations are:

  • STATION-4 is a station for 4 power banks, due to its compactness, it is perfect for cafes, restaurants, convenience stores or hairdressers.
  • STATION-8 – station for 8 power banks is an ideal solution for beauty salons, medium stores, gas stations, barbershops and other similar places.
  • STATION-24 – a station for 24 power banks will become indispensable for shopping malls, large supermarkets, medical institutions, railway stations, airports or street food alleys.
  • STATION-48 – a station for 48 power banks is definitely needed for large shopping malls, stadiums, concert venues, financial clubs, cinemas, hotels, coworking spaces, at events, as well as at airports and train stations.

Power bank sharing stations

Buy station from Fast Energy

When buying a power bank station, everyone wants to be sure that in the event of a theft or breakdown, he will be insured – using an intelligent system of the common ecosystem, if the client does not return the power bank, money will be debited from him, and if the power bank breaks, the campaign replaces it with a new one. At the same time, the main and only expense that falls on the shoulders of the business owner is only the purchase of a power bank station, the rest of the additional expenses, including taxes and compensation for mobile communication costs, are borne by the seller company.

If the station becomes unusable, it is replaced with a new one, and a new warranty is issued for a period of 1 year.

Where can I use power bank sharing stations

The services of the power bank rental service, as well as the power bank sharing stations themselves, can be in demand almost everywhere where people spend more than 15 minutes. These can be cafes or restaurants, small shops near the house. The advantage for business owners will be that their establishments will generate additional income, but also that they will have an additional marketing channel for communication. Even metro stations, gas stations, parking lots can serve as an ideal platform for power bank rental stations. At the same time, users can take them in one place, and return in another, which allows them to be placed in a convenient place for consumers, thereby increasing their popularity and attractiveness in the eyes of consumers. And a power bank sharing station located in a park, at an exhibition, or at an event, provides an opportunity to attract attention and subsequently involve in your activities. At the same time, by purchasing a power bank station and installing it in beauty salons, barbershops, fitness clubs, spas, universities, schools, hotels, hostels, playgrounds, anti-cafes, you can attract customers of different ages and status groups, expanding the base of potential and permanent clients.