International power bank
rental network

Saves not only your plans, but also the planet.

Business with a great mission.

83% of restaurants buy power banks and throw them away at least once every 8 months.

In the landfill a battery will decompose within 110 years, exposing toxic substances that lead to planet pollution and human diseases.

We recycle broken power banks instead of throwing them away, which reduces the negative footprint on the environment.

What makes us different?

The world’s smallest mobile app for power bank sharing, which loads faster than others (17.2 MB).

Built-in financial system that automatically calculates and sends payments to Fast Energy merchants and dealers-investors.

We first created the Gold Status service, which allows businesses to pay power bank rental costs for their customers.

The fastest franchise localization for any country in 28 days.

Office in China that controls all stages of production and guarantees equipment quality.

The most up-to-date software in Europe for power bank sharing, which is designed to enter into an IPO.

We first implemented the Gold Account function in a mobile app, which gives the opportunity for unlimited charging for a year at any Fast Energy station. 

Merchant-dealer-investor business model that is implemented in franchise software.

The only sharing platform that recycles used power banks.

Our stations don’t accept power banks of other manufacturers and brands, unlike competitors.

Marketing opportunities in Fast Energy app:

  • ability to share the app with friends and get bonuses;
  • ability to generate promo codes with any name and number of minutes;
  • ability to order a station for a special event or location via the app.

Our client may be right, may be wrong, but he is always a king, and we treat him like a king.