Fast Energy partnership. International franchise.

Innovative, eco friendly business that brings a steady income.



from Fast Energy stations turnover in a particular country.

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Advantages of the international franchise:


Established business model that brings a steady income


We localize your franchise business in 28 days


Ability to control all sales structure in a country


We share the experience of successful scaling and cooperation with merchants


We provide technical support, give educational video tutorials, catalogues, flyers, stickers, designed promo materials, create Telegram chat with a founder and Fast Energy team


The most up-to-date technical equipment and software to work with


Socially responsible business that saves the planet from pollution by toxic substances

Entry threshold:


Annual fee for station maintenance and usage of Fast Energy software

$10 000*

Lump-sum payment

$100 000*

Purchase of stations

*prices may vary according to country and place

Fast Energy stations are already installed in:


restaurants and bars




business centers


Intercity high-speed rails




shopping malls






railway stations

The world’s smallest mobile app for power bank sharing, which loads faster than others (17.2 MB).

Built-in financial system that automatically calculates and sends payments to Fast Energy merchants and dealers-investors.

We first created the Gold Status service, which allows businesses to pay power bank rental costs for their customers.

The fastest franchise localization for any country in 28 days.

Office in China that controls all stages of production and guarantees equipment quality.

The most up-to-date software in Europe for power bank sharing, which is designed to enter into an IPO.

We first implemented the Gold Account function in a mobile app, which gives the opportunity for unlimited charging for a year at any Fast Energy station. 

Merchant-dealer-investor business model that is implemented in franchise software.

The only sharing platform that recycles used power banks.

Our stations don’t accept power banks of other manufacturers and brands, unlike competitors.


What should I do if a power bank has been stolen from merchant’s station?

To rent a power bank, customers connect their bank card, so it is impossible to steal a power bank.

Can I run the Fast Energy franchise?

Yes, it's very easy. Leave a request here and our managers will contact you.

Who is responsible for the functioning of stations?

Fast Energy dealers are responsible for the functioning of stations and power banks. They provide all the necessary technical assistance and support.

Who will repair the station or power bank in case they are not operating?

You do not have to repair the station or power bank at your own expense. Troubleshooting equipment breakdowns is the responsibility of Fast Energy.

Do staff members have to explain the service to the users? 

No, power bank rental is a self-service. There are clear and easily understood instructions in the app and on the stations.

How many stations can I install at my location?

You can install an unlimited number of Fast Energy stations at your location.

How much does it cost to rent a power bank?

The tariff plan depends on the location and region. Tariffs in Ukraine range from 29 UAH / day to 89 UAH / day.

Do you provide extension cords for connecting the station?

Yes, we provide all the necessary equipment.

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