Artem Stepanchuk

Founder of Fast Energy,, and the China Business Community.

To cover the distance from the Eiffel Tower to the Louvre, you don’t need to go to the store to buy a scooter or bicycle. All you need to do is to get a ride, for example, renting.

You don’t need to buy a house to spend a week in the Maldives. You don’t have to buy a power bank and carry it in order not to get lost during a festival with a loved one or with friends because of a discharged phone.

The 90s are over. Buying cars and apartments is not fashionable anymore. It’s time for other values.

Don't buy. Rent.

Artem Stepanchuk

Artem Stepanchuk has been in the trade business for a long time and his name is associated with the supply of goods to large retail chains from China to Ukraine. His path in entrepreneurship began when Artem was 9 years old, he sold newspapers in his hometown, later the gained experience helped him to boost from working as a merchandiser to the head of the sales department in large Ukrainian and foreign companies. Back in 2008, which was difficult for Ukraine and the world, Artem decided to try to establish the sale of Chinese goods in Ukraine.

Who is Artem Stepanchuk

The development of the business for the supply and formation of sales markets began with the search for trends in the Chinese market and the purchase of the first batch of spinners, just before the boom for this product, while due to the lack of competitors in this area, the margin with which sales were made varied from 300 to 400 % in high-rocket moments. At the end of 2014, Artem found a new product and created a blue ocean again – selfie sticks, the boom for this product exceeded all expectations, and in two years sales exceeded a million units. Then there were the gyroboards, which only confirmed the confidence that these are still goods of a temporary boom and it is necessary to constantly search for new and new goods and predict them or shape them by yourself. While this or that product is on the way, Artem tries to immediately find markets for sale and forms a so-called “safety cushion” based on the fact that if the product does not become a trend, it can be sold at gas stations, small supermarkets or even some cafes.

The main problem that Artem Stepanchuk highlights is to establish sales in Ukraine. To do this, it is necessary to enter into cooperation with many marketplaces for sale from “Auchan” to “Rozetka”, this helps to differentiate sales, as well as minimize risks, sometimes it is necessary to establish relations with new partners starting with the sale of goods at self-cost and looking what becomes a trend.

Artem has his own secrets of bypassing competitors, namely that the product card should always be filled as much as possible. Photos of goods should always have a wow effect, it is better to show the goods from all sides than to put up one photo and hope that at that very moment the buyer will make a spontaneous purchase. The same rule applies to technical descriptions, buyers are inclined to those sellers who describe their product as detailed as possible in terms of the technical component, even if it’s just a spinner. And, of course, the most important thing is to answer all buyers on all the questions they have, this builds trust for the seller.

Fast Energy history

2018 turned Artem’s world upside down, another trip to China and again a new trend, which had become commonplace there, and for Ukraine and the CIS another “blue ocean” and the opportunity to become the leader of the trend in this territory. When studying the power bank rental market, it turned out that AnkerBox, the largest company specializing in power bank rentals in the USA and Asia, does not work in other markets, while the number of applications for renting power banks on the Apple Store and Play Market “grew by leaps and bounds.” And the best solution was to create not just a product in the form of a power bank rent but to create an ecosystem for the rent of any product. In the process of studying the sharing market, Artem came to the conclusion that, as if certain goods were not needed, the user needs to tell the benefits that he will receive from rent, and also why rent is better than a purchase.

And then there was a long process of creating and launching the service. Artem’s Chinese partners helped find Ukrainian developers specializing in creating ecosystems for sharing. When creating the Fast Energy project, the request of all participants in the dealer-investor business model was taken into account, namely, their personal account with all the analytics for each rented station. And in 2020, the Fast Energy project was fully launched with the first point in the beautiful southern city of Odessa.

Seeing opportunities for business growth due to the fastenergy product, a gold-status was created for restaurants, the essence of which is that locations pay a fixed amount for renting a station, and restaurant customers use power banks absolutely free. And on the map in the application near such locations there is a gift in which pleasant offers are hidden. And the growth in demand was generated by the branding of power bank rental stations, as well as pleasant offers for customers.

Reviews about Artem Stepanchuk

Since the personality of Artem has long been formed and known in the business world, there are enough reviews about Artem Stepanchuk, as well as his products.

Basically, the Chinese partners always speak of Artem Stepanchuk as a person with a tough grip and an entrepreneur who oversees his every move. His business skills and ability to connect remotely and live attracts foreign investors, creating a demand for the opportunity to work with him.

Reviews about Artem Stepanchuk and his work on the Ukrainian market are transmitted by word of mouth from small owners of shops near their homes, to large supermarkets and online stores. Business, when hearing Artem Stepanchuk, builds a clear association about the trend of goods.

Other activities of Artem Stepanchuk

Having many years of experience working with China, Artem Stepanchuk organized a school where he teaches how to establish the process of working with China. The training program is quite broad and includes training in understanding and searching for trending products, choosing suppliers and carriers, as well as how to enter marketplaces and wholesale deliveries, while studying the legal intricacies of business with Chinese partners is mandatory step.