Fast Energy partnership.

Merchant provides a place with access to the station and manages its operation.  

Buy Fast Energy station and become a merchant.




from income for renting out power banks.

We are in all top locations.

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Advantages of being a merchant:


We place your ads in our app


Your status improves


Number of customers increases


Customers spend more time at your location


Helps to provide better service


Your staff are not distracted from direct responsibilities



PE 2nd group

PE 3rd group


Provide a place/location with access to the station.

How to become a merchant:

All you need is to buy Fast Energy station.

Types of cooperation:



Customer pays for rent

  • You provide additional service for your customers and receive 50% from Fast Energy stations turnover.
  • Customers use power banks according to a station tariff.
  • Your location will be listed on the map in Fast Energy app, which attracts new visitors.
  • If a power bank is stolen or broken, we replace them at our expense.

Gold Status

Gold Status

Business pays for rent

  • You provide your customers with a unique service for free*, because convenience is your highest priority.
  • Your location will have a unique Gold status on the map in Fast Energy app, which attracts new visitors.
  • You pay only UAH 3,000 per year (for UFT-PS04 station) or UAH 6,000 per year (for UFT-PS08 station) for the renewal of the power banks.
  • If a power bank is stolen or broken, we replace them at our expense.

*This means free usage for 6 hours per each customer and staff member.

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What should I do if a power bank has been stolen from merchant’s station?

To rent a power bank, customers connect their bank card, so it is impossible to steal a power bank.

Can I run the Fast Energy franchise?

Yes, it's very easy. Leave a request here and our managers will contact you.

Who is responsible for the functioning of stations?

Fast Energy dealers are responsible for the functioning of stations and power banks. They provide all the necessary technical assistance and support.

Who will repair the station or power bank in case they are not operating?

You do not have to repair the station or power bank at your own expense. Troubleshooting equipment breakdowns is the responsibility of Fast Energy.

Do staff members have to explain the service to the users? 

No, power bank rental is a self-service. There are clear and easily understood instructions in the app and on the stations.

How many stations can I install at my location?

You can install an unlimited number of Fast Energy stations at your location.

How much does it cost to rent a power bank?

The tariff plan depends on the location and region. Tariffs in Ukraine range from 29 UAH / day to 89 UAH / day.

Do you provide extension cords for connecting the station?

Yes, we provide all the necessary equipment.

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